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Living Donor Liver Transplant Program

Interested in becoming a Living Donor?

Living donor liver transplants prevent those with liver disease from having to wait until the point of severe illness. They also make these individuals stronger candidates for transplant surgery, helping to further improve outcomes and often lead to more rapid recovery after surgery.


Life Changing Stories

Judi, back on track

Kidney and Liver Transplant Recipient

There is a section on the forms you fill out at the doctor’s office that requests your family’s medical history. My mother died when I was in high school, and I lost my father 10 years later. I did not know that either or both of them had polycystic kidney disease, a genetic condition that causes cysts to grow on the kidneys and liver, eventually damaging them. After I suffered with a fever for over a month, a CT scan revealed that I had the disease.

Upon being diagnosed, I saw doctors every two to six months to assess the function and health of my kidney and liver. I remember being aware of my condition, but my quality of life did not change at first. I enjoyed my active lifestyle, balancing time with my family in Glenside, a workout schedule and a full-time job at Abington Hospital as a medical student and geriatric fellowship coordinator.

However, life slowed down dramatically as my liver continued to grow with cysts and crowd out my other organs. At the same time, my kidneys were failing and I was told that I would need to be evaluated for a transplant and start dialysis.

When the call came, I remember the shock of learning that there was a kidney and liver for me, and that I needed to be at the hospital in an hour for my transplant surgery.

I felt like a VIP when I arrived at Jefferson. My surgery went well, and I am so grateful for my life, the life of the donor who gave me my second chance, my family and friends, Jefferson’s transplant team, and the gift of growing physically stronger day by day.

Months later, I was back on track and training for my first 5K. I finished that race and I haven’t stop training since! 

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